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I have thought about what my first post on this blog should be, and I think I need to talk about some kind of aspects around casino gaming, addiction and also the reason why I am creating this blog.

First of all, I have an addictive personality. And I’m not just referring to casino or gambling related addiction. If I find a project that I like I can forget about everything else and focus on my interest. This has caused many problems for me in numerous times of my life, and I had to change it. The reason is mostly due to slot games. I started to play slots as I wanted to be rich. Very quickly I discovered that it doesn’t work like that and it’s not that simple at all. So just as most gamblers experience when they first begin gambling, I lost a lot of money. And feeling like I had fallen into a trap.. I REALLY WANTED to get that money back!

Please note: Never do this… never. It is quite simply the #1 cause of huge losses for 90% of gamblers. Chasing what you lose expecting to win that money back will never succeed.

Thank God I’m in the 10%. The losses I made motivated me to find a different way to recoup that money. With my technical knowledge, I built up an online client tracking system and sold it for more than I had lost. Thankfully.. I had the money again, and I started to create a plan for my gambling with a portion of my income that I was happy to lose. It was from that time that I had a budget for my main income and an included percentage of that for gambling.

With this plan I cannot lose more than I am happy to lose, and it allows my gambling bankroll to grow. I’ll talk more about these plans and how I strategize  in later articles, but for now it is not so important.

Our focus here is gambling addiction, and I know how it feels. I know how it works, and how it can destroy a persons life. My goal here is to give you a strong mentality before you lose too much and to show you how you can enjoy online casino gambling without losing your life savings or your future.

Online Casinos are always there for you… to get your money. Let’s be a little more clever and bet smarter.

I am happy to help. 🙂

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