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The dream of every gambler to finally see a notification from the slot provider that no more spins needed to get the maximum win. Before slot streams become quite mainstream we had not too many impression to know how even a max win looks like. But as the market works now it is really easy to influence the normal and average gamblers to fight for a really big win.

Max win on Sweet Bonanza in Rupee

I have already talked about Streamers in another article, so I will not examine this influencing factor now. However, we have to talk about some of the techniques of the casino game makers, which also affect you. Even if you might not admit it. 🙂 What I want to highlight today is the “almost” feature. Game developers work a lot on these. Marketers are racking their brains to figure out how to force you to play more on any online slot games and even on higher bet level.

Did you had any sensational win? 🙂

Let me first give you a few painful examples from my own gaming history. Sometimes I had to take these screenshots with tears in my eyes. 😀 But you will understand what I’m talking about.

The first example will be Nitropolis 3. During a bonus game it is even difficult to realize what is happening, but you immediately realize if you miss the possible max win because of one missing symbol or an empty reel.

Nitropolis 3 max win? Nearly…

The evil thing here is specifically that with a bonus symbol suddenly one can even believe that they are winning big. And if you think that’s just a coincidence… let’s look at a few more examples.

Pictures are from Money Train 2 and Money Train 3. These little wicked spins almost yielded a bigger prize each, but only almost. The scripts deliver these spins accurately, as both the developers and the casino owners knew that these spins can only create two kinds of emotions. One is that you WANT to spin until you get the desired connections between the symbols. The other emotion is anger, which will encourage you to play until you get the maximum prize. But mostly until you run out of money. These simple “almost” techniques increase the number of spins by more than 100%.

“Color” tricks, blockers and many more techniques

I need to show you another example. Extra Chilli is one of my all time favorite game… but sometimes it’s so evil. I think Big Time Gaming is one of the gaming providers who really master of these teasing technique. For sure with Money Train 3 RELAX gaming also introduced the premium symbol teasing, but let me show you how BTG play not just with the Megaways™, but blocking the proper ways or just playing with the colors. 🙂

Many times you can feel that everything is connected, but only in colors. Same color for the Jacks and for the green chili, and same with the Aces and the purple chili. In some cases, it is not even the colors that are the problem, but a scatter symbol accidentally falls into the best place. 🙂 These small techniques really trigger the players to spend and gamble more.

What can you do? Basically it is simple. 🙂

From one side it is not a problem as we are on the iGaming and gambling market. This is the goal of these slot providers and they have a lot of techniques to achieve their goal.

The problem is if we get only teases and the max win potential is only theoretical. There are many case when to see a really big win can be an evidence that it is possible, but you need to consider how that result was achieved. Even from streamers or in a YouTube video you can not check if the game was on real money, or with normal mode and with normal RTP.

You will be influenced for sure, but you need to control your feelings. Enjoy the game, after all, that’s why we gamble, but always notice when you’re carried away by evil techniques. Measure your losses and always stop when you are near to a big loss. There is another day when you can continue and you can win. 🙂

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