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You may be reading this article due to one of many different reasons. On one side you’re possibly searching for profitable casino strategies, or on another, you have already lost a lot and are needing some advice. Read on to learn how I manage my money and in my experience, how to not lose so much when gambling.

Let’s be clear, I also lose sometimes but not from the income I need to survive or my savings and investments. My strategy allows for profits to be made.

Alright, let’s not waste your time.. Firstly..

Special Income for Gambling

If you are a gambler then it may be hard, but what you need to do if you haven’t already is take a step back, accept your current losses and start over with a smarter strategy. Every person who spends money in casinos or even PC games with loot boxes will be angry at some point in their experience of this entertainment avenue, and in most instances these people will try very hard to get back the money they’ve lost. If you fall into this trap then you will eventually lose a lot, and lightning fast. So my first piece of advice is.. Step back and adjust your plan with a better strategy for your income/costs.

It doesn’t matter how much you have lost or how much you want to spend on gambling, it is wise to work towards this goal. You should create a new income source that will cover the cost or losses. This can be a second job, an online business or an affiliate program. Anything that you can build up and which can provide the income you need passively.

For my strategy, I created two sources of income:

  • Crypto mining: I decided to build up a really passive mining system. One that doesn’t eat electricity and where I do not need to manage or supervise anything. So I started to mine Helium Token ($HNT) with a single router. It brings in about 30-50 USD per month. You could say it’s not that much, but don’t forget.. I am MicroStaker. 🙂 So what about an option if somebody plays with larger amounts?
  • Crypto Staking: Build up a crypto portfolio with staking reward. Let’s see an example.. You want to play with 100 USD per month. The staking reward is 20% each year. This means that you need 6000 USD in your staking wallet to receive the reward of 1200 USD per year. Alternatively, with a 10% reward each year and you want 5000 USD per month, you will need 600,000 USD to stake to receive 60000 USD over the year. Of course you should only use the yield you receive to play with. (Staking reward list for all of the coins)
Part of my staking portfolio

If you stick to my example you can STOP gambling losses from trying to chase big wins. You can build up your bankroll with the monthly income from these options, then you can play with this income and not care if you do lose… or it could possibly bring you huge winnings. This is also the reason why I play at a crypto casino, as I can use my rewards with very little exchange and transfer costs.

With this strategy you will not lose any of your normal income or your investments. Keep in mind that you will need a little self control for this strategy to be successful. Locked crypto staking helps this control, as you are locked in for a specific term, and you won’t be able to withdraw it.

Believe me, if you protect a little bit for yourself it can become a real habit to only spend the monthly yields of your special Casino/gambling portfolio. Build it up now before you spin any more slots!

Do you like this strategy? Has it worked for you? Share it and it helps me. 🙂

Thanks for your time!

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