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You may know that online slots pay players based on a certain RTP value. RTP (Return To Player) means how much chance you have of winning back your money. Let’s say this value is 95%. This means that in say 1,000,000,000 spins, the game pays this much back to the players. So no matter what happens, the casino and slot maker always wins at least 5%… ALWAYS!

Different casinos may list a slot machine with different RTP values. This value can be checked when you start the game. I put the popular Sugar Rush slot here as an example. You can see the current RTP value framed:

Check RTP of SugarRush at: Stake and Rollbit

There are casinos that provide online slots with a completely unique RTP value. This is usually advertised separately in an “Exclusive” category. For example at Stake casino games labeled “Enhanced RTP” have at least 98% RTP value. You can check them here: Stake Enhanced RTP slots Also on Rollbit you can find higher RTP values.

One of the most important things is that this value does not apply only to you, but all players in the casino. Let’s say there are only two players on a slot machine. Mr. X. and You. He plays at a bet of 1000USD per spin and wins 1000x. You play on 1USD bet after that. The casino lost a lot of money. Do you think you will win? Theoretically your chances get extremely worse.

You never know how empty the casino’s own wallet is. Of course, that’s why we call it gambling, and that’s why you don’t know whether you’re going to win or lose. If you win a lot because the casino draws the big prizes for you, it can be a good feeling, but don’t forget one more important thing: There are always two sides of a coin. In order for you to win, another player must lose. The casino has no money. Casinos “create” it from nothing by taking it from one of the players, deducting their profit from it, and handing the remained amount to the winner.

Because of this!

  • You can NOT consider casino gaming as a source of income
  • There are NO winning streaks, whether you win or not is totally random
  • There is NO secret strategy how to surely recover the lost money

You can help yourself by playing slot games with a higher RTP value, but the basic chance is always 50%. There are strategies you can use to improve how successful you can be, but you can’t turn off the luck factor.

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