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Do you want to win millions and billions, maybe trillions from gambling in Casinos? Of course you would say yes! It’s a simple fact. This is what we all dream about and why we play casino games. But is it possible for us? Let’s think about a few facts and learn a few lessons.

A Jackpot win Please

When you see the lobby of an online casino you will immediately be met with flashing lights and huge numbers. The recent wins and jackpot numbers can be several millions of dollars. You need to know that this is a sophisticated marketing method that forces gamblers to choose higher bets. Where jackpot’s are available your chance to get it is higher if you bet higher. Even on small bets you can get a “jackpot game teaser” with only a few scatters, and this will trigger you to play more to win the bigger jackpot. (Sometimes it’s better to play a non-jackpot slot as scatters work as fillers and these decrease your chance to hit it)

Another way to influence you is the “win stream” which displays not only the payout but also the bet size. If people see the big wins then those games will be used more. And here comes the biggest influential technique that works these days..

The World of Slot Streamers

Casinos get most of their new players through affiliates. This system is good for the casinos and also for gamblers. Partners usually give free spins / free money or other gifts for the players. What stands out among affiliate methods is live slot streaming on Twitch, Dlive or on YouTube. These platforms can get thousands of viewers, and I’m sure that you have seen a few videos where the streamers shout after a big win or just dance around and scream. There is no problem with this, I also like to watch streamers. It can be easily seen on the winning list of a casino that if a streamer wins big, gamblers start to play that game immediately. It is kind of stupid thinking, but they believe if the game pays for a “high roller” then it will also pay for them… and streamers these days play on really high bets.

A big win from Roshtein on Wanted dead or Alive

In this picture you can see a 5 Million USD win from Roshtein which is incredibly huge, but wait… the bet is 1000 USD per spin. And each spin takes one second, or on SuperTurbo spins even less. You can dream about high wins but imagine how much you need to pay to get a big win like this. Enjoy watching streams and be happy for big wins, but please understand that if you do play, your winnings won’t be anywhere close to these levels.

Value your Winnings and Losses Accordingly

There are many ways for Casinos to manipulate you and entice you to play on higher bets. I’ve just mentioned 2 of these for now. If you start to play on higher bets, even if it is not affordable for you, you cannot blame anybody else but yourself. Still, I would like to help you by giving you a few tips that can work:

Imagine if you selected a simple investment opportunity. What is your return expectation per year? For example if your portfolio returns 20% a year you can be happy. Whereas in a casino, if a gambler gets a bonus game they are usually happy if it hits above 100x (100%) which is a huge difference between the expectations. Besides that the winning amount needs to be compared to your bet level. Don’t be sad or disappointed if you don’t win millions. Of course, I wish you all hit the jackpot or an incredibly big win, but you need to understand your basic bet levels chance of winning it. If you bet 1 USD per spin and you win even 100 USD or 1000 USD you need to be really happy and you need to immediately save a part of that income.

I would like to show you another example that will help you to stand with both feet on the ground. Without naming them, I will show you a picture of a gambler and streamer on a really high bet level. This player has streamed really big wins on Twitch. A few million dollars or sometimes above 10 million. Sounds great but to achieve that only on Bitcoin (02.10.2022 BTC price) he wagered 6 billion USD. Can you do the same? If yes then send me a PM XD …usually players can not afford this so do not expect the same results!

Every time you play and win, always pay attention to the result multiplier and not the amount. I was really happy when I found games that highlighted the winning x and not the amount. This is also the reason why I like the ‘original’ crypto casino games (house brand games) because they work on the same basis by displaying the multiplier immediately as you win it.

Try not to let streamers and casino strategies influence the way you gamble. Set your comfortable bet level in stone and raise it only after you are able to step it up to the next level! But what does the next level mean? We will talk about this another time…

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