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How to start… if you read this story you are possibly heard or saw about the situation that hate speech started to spread on Twitter and other platforms against gambling and gamble streamers. Let’s summarize it really in a nutshell: There is a streamer called ItsSliker or Sliker. He asked and bagged money from viewers because of his some kind of financial problem. Later he admitted that lied and he lost that money because of his gambling addiction. He spent all of the money gambling for CS:GO boxes and skins. After this situation another streamer pokimane posted a tweet simply: “like if twitch should ban gambling” and boom it went viral because…

…because these times people do not spend even a minutes to check what really happened. In these days with posts like pokimane published can be generate a lot of viewers and reaction. Basically she just created a money train for herself. So she’s reaction is even more ugly as hell. But let’s dig in a little bit more deeper to this topic.

The biggest problem with people online… and offline these days

As you read an article about this topic possibly you are not part of the 95% of people who behave as an idiot online. Sorry for saying this but this is the truth. Why I say this? People believe nearly everything what they see online and their views are created in seconds. For example in this case they are manipulated with a 6 word long tweet.

People reads only title-s of articles on news side. They collect data from 5 second long Tik-tok videos. They do not collect information but the choose sides and makes decisions. They can be misled in seconds and the biggest problem that influencers know this, and they use it. This stupidity cause a lot of problem and meaningless arguments.

So in this case represents this idiocy in two ways. First that people believe in a streamer, they believe in ItsSlicker so much that they are ready for send him thousands or more dollars just for a request. A streamer online ca be anybody, can create a picture about him or herself what it’s in his/her mind. Streamers can be supported by tops, subscription etc. How people can be addicted to a person that they can even sacrifice their own life?

The other aspect is this pokimane person, who basically a gamer and nobody else. She has no real value what meaning something for our World. But because she is famous people believe what she say. In this case she created a total misleading topic, and created something against gambling but I can say that she is more part in to take advantage of gambling that possibly anybody else on Twitch. Why?

A generation that grows up addicted to gambling

Everybody knows that the gaming industry changed a lot during the past years. Starting with CS:GO with the weapon skins we know that business is not in the game, but in the loot boxes. Now nearly everybody introduces this kind of features in games. Skins, weapons, or just buying in-game currency became a normal part of online games. Streaming now online games and highlight the gambling possibility (for example streamer packs etc.) pushes kids to grow to see that gambling is normal in our daily life. The biggest problem that even if they win something shiny and rare those are just pixels in a game and can lost their value in minutes. Gaming streamers like pokimane are part of this era. Kids under 18 years can be influenced much more stronger than an adult person, with in-game loots or Fortnite skins etc.

Shiny weapon with 0 real-life value

If somebody will play in an online casino they rather can win real money, and not just pixels. Of course I do not want to protect the greedy gambling companies, but these day it is a really important difference between gaming gambling and casino gambling.

BUT! The real problem that kids now will grow up without understanding that they are addicted to lucky games even from young age. Education and highlight this problem could be the most important and that’s what I’d like to do, because this will cause a real tragedy in the near future.

Value of our life and future… and money

People needs to feel the real value, and not just exactly the money, but the time what they spend. Lot of people spending their life watching meaningless people’s life on IRL stream, watching house tours or dream life, and they just imagine and dreaming about it instead of waking up from their chairs. Valuate your time and also your pocket is your responsibility. If you decide to watch gaming instead of really playing a gem is your choice.

  • Collect information: Before you make a decision give time for yourself to know everything about the topic what interesting for you. Never choose a side based on a title of article or a tweet.
  • Trust is a treasure, don’t give it easily online: Do not think that even if a streamer who you follow for years can be really trusted. Even if you love her or him be careful to eat a bigger part of your life.
  • Hate is a virus: Don’t give space to hate speech in your life and do not let to be influenced by it.

And last but not least gambling addiction: This is not related to online casinos. It is really connected to our daily life now and people need to realize, that the next generation need to be educated about value of money. Influencers broke this rule and shows an easy life for young people. Gambling in games should be denied, and proper money management should be created for all of the activity what depends on your luck.

The normal investment market, the crypto world, the gaming world…even governments. All of these are full of greedy companies. It is your responsibility what you give them from your time and money.

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